You can laugh at Commie haters

For the manic that think communism can take over the world, take a look at capitalism in China. We're in danger of having national health care and as much regulation of food quality as China. Would international corporations with most of their profits in China want to prevent that in the US to increase profits in the USA?


Is there any wonder Kentucky Fried Chicken changed their name to KFC? What would Kentucky Fried Chicken be in Chinese and what would a Kentucky colonel mean to them?


"Yum Brands, owner of KFC and Pizza Hut restaurant chains, has reported a drop in profits as a food safety scare continued to hurt its sales in China.

It made a net profit of $281m (£185m) in the three months to 15 June, a 15% drop from a year earlier.

Sales in China fell 20% during the period amid fears of bird flu outbreak.

The fears over the flu came as Yum was trying to recover from allegations that its suppliers were giving chickens with unapproved levels of antibiotics.

Yum said that the "residual effect" of those allegations, first raised in December, had also impacted sales during the period.

However, it added that its sales in China were showing signs of a recovery as the extensive media coverage surrounding Avian flu had subsided.

The firm said sales in China declined 10% in June, from a year earlier, compared with a 19% drop in May. It said that it expects sales in the country to start rising by the fourth quarter.

China is a key market for Yum, generating more than half the company's revenue, and the firm said it was committed to expanding its presence in the country.

"For the total China Division, we remain on track to open at least 700 new units this year. This means we will have opened about 1,600 units over a two-year period," David Novak, chief executive of Yum said in a statement.

"As KFC sales continue to recover, we expect to have solid momentum in China heading into 2014," he added.

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Comments (1)

  1. wintersjc

    KFC is losing business ’cause their chicken is too damned expensive.

    July 23, 2013
  2. wirelessguru1

    Well, I know a particular red commie here who thinks that communism is going to take over after capitalism finally fails! LOL!!!

    July 23, 2013
  3. claudiafrencham

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