Wounded Vets Invited to President Bush’s Ranch for 100K Bike Ride

Wounded Vets Invited to President Bush’s Ranch for 100K Bike Ride



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by Fox News Insider

Former President George W. Bush invited a number of wounded veterans to his Texas ranch for the Warrior 100K bike ride.

Dr. Marc Siegel is along for the ride and filled Martha MacCallum in on all of the details from Texas.


Bush has always supported our soldiers.. (greatest of Americans).

Btw... he holds his own umbrella.

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  1. Brn2bfree

    …. is that it? Tisk …tisk…

    May 26, 2013
  2. livelonger

    Is that all that has to be done? A media release sports event fixes all vets.

    May 26, 2013
  3. jillsthoughts

    Yes, he cares about our vets. He put them into an illegal war in Iraq, killing over 3000 of them. And he let hundreds of thousands more come home with missing limbs or mental illness, and he did not increase funding for their getting back on their feet (literally, in some cases) once they returned home.
    Bush is great for a photo op: “Hey, guys, wanna ride bikes with me? … All right, now go home so I can be alone for the next five years again.”
    “War on Terror Run?” Priceless.

    May 26, 2013
  4. ObjectiveQualia

    That photo op really makes up for him cutting veteran healthcare by $2 billion, forcing over 200,000 veterans to wait more than six months to be seen by a doctor.

    May 26, 2013
  5. deaconjim

    As a bike rider, I’m happy to hear of biking events being organized. It’s a great way to exercise and get in shape or stay in shape. I appreciate the fact they were wearing helmets, also. I didn’t understand the purpose, though. How is this newsworhty? Was this a fundraising event? I heard the commentator say it was for a good cause, but I didn’t hear what the cause was. Was it an invitation only event, with no clear purpose, other than the ride itself? That would okay, if it was, but it wouldn’t merit this coverage. If I was cynical, I’d say the only thing I saw were two reporters falling all over themselves trying to outdo each other as Bush sycophants, but I’m not, so I won’t.

    May 26, 2013
    1. This comment has been deleted
    2. Brn2bfree

      Ex president giving recognition to the wounded vets on memorial day is news worthy. You are cynical… you’re saying I want to compliment him but I don’t see a reason.

      May 28, 2013
      1. deaconjim

        That was sarcasm, Sheldon. Bazinga! Yes I was being cynical. I’m riding in the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure to raise money for diabetes research and education. That’s newsworthy and I hope the local stations run a story on it. President Bush inviting 15 wounded vets to his ranch is great. I just don’t see the need to report on it, especially since they don’t appear to be doing any fundraising for any worthy cause. It only appeared to be an opportunity for Fox News to make President Bush’s pedestal a bit higher. If it was a fundraiser, it should have been open to anybody wishing to participate and it should have been reported as such.

        May 28, 2013
  6. Gulfman

    Does anyone know if Obama has invited Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn to the White House yet?

    May 29, 2013
  7. GoldenPig2012

    Well, now it’s all good. A bike ride for those that managed to live through his presidency.

    May 31, 2013
    1. jillsthoughts


      May 31, 2013
  8. Brn2bfree

    Hey Stewed, I think that the left feels out of place on Memorial day and fourth of July. You guys aren’t patriotic nor support the troops. You guys are anti American zealots who want to change this country into a third world cesspool. You are at the shallow end of that pool.

    May 28, 2013