Makers of US clothes catching up

Just when Republicans have found that eliminating unions would solve many US problems, and improve the lives of non-union workers, India has found out why unions were allowed in the early 1900's.

This might create jobs in the US as workers in India are paid more.


"The search for bodies in the wreckage of a Bangladesh garment factory that collapsed almost three weeks ago is drawing to a close, officials say.


Soldiers and salvage workers have recovered 1,127 bodies from the site of the Rana Plaza building near Dhaka.




The government also promised to lift trade union restrictions amid pressure to improve garment industry conditions.


The Rana Plaza building collapse is the latest in a series of deadly incidents focusing global attention on safety standards in Bangladesh's garment industry.

Union rights

On Monday, the government agreed to allow garment workers to form trade unions without permission from factory owners as part of growing concessions for industry reform.




The government amended the 2006 Labour Act lifting restrictions on forming trade unions in most industries, spokesman Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan said.


"The government is doing it for the welfare of the workers," Mr Bhuiyan told reporters.


This comes a day after the government created a new panel of union representatives and factory workers to raise the minimum wage for garment workers.


However, trade union leaders have responded cautiously to the changes.




"In the past whenever workers tried to form associations they were subjected to beatings and harassment.''



Safety concerns

Bangladesh has one of the largest garment industries in the world, and some of the clothes produced in the Rana Plaza building were made for Western retailers.


Last Wednesday, the country announced the shutdown of 18 garment factories for safety reasons, amid growing concerns over the issue of industrial safety across the country."

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  1. Neighsayer

    another sign of the moving pendulum, we lose unions and Asia gains them . . .

    May 14, 2013